Seeing as I’m literally talking to him right now, my first post about the important people in my life can go to my boyfriend Nathan, who really really needs to get his hair cut because it’s pissing him off. Direct quote from Facebook Video Chat, people. Also he looks like the Penguin from the TV show Gotham (thanks Gen).

Cobblepot or Cobblenot?
NeNe or NoNo?

We’ve been together since the 12th October 2015, which at the time of writing is a few days over 10 months. It’s taking me a while to write this post because he’s making terrible puns, which maybe is why we get on so well.

I still cannot believe this total rude bitch Shakespeare third wheeled our first date.

Anyway, he’s a vile little troll who keeps trying to get me to show positive emotion in public. Sometimes he gets me drunk and I turn… nice, but it doesn’t last. I have a reputation to uphold, don’t you know?

me bae and kids
Me, bae and the kids.Three most important men in my life and I love ’em all to pieces.

Anyway, he’s a freak but he’s my freak and I love him. And I’m glad he puts up with all my shit.

bagging area
You’re the unexpected item in my bagging area. Please remove yourself and call a store assistant for help 😉