Summer Status Update

I realised I’ve been neglecting my blog for the past few months, and this is mostly down to not really having much to write about, so because I’ve been in a bit of a down mood for the past few days I thought why not try to make myself feel better by recapping what I’ve done since leaving Bangor in June?

One of the best things about being at home now is the fact I can hang out with Nathan a lot more. It’s so much easier being in a not-so-long distance relationship. I mean, we still sometimes struggle to see each other on a weekly basis, because he lives the complete opposite side of Birmingham to me and has an almost opposite schedule, but we’re making it work. There was a point when I first got back where we ate WAY too many Chinese buffets. Now I hear myself saying, “But Jake, there’s no such thing as too many Chinese buffets”… Let me tell you something. When your blood type is essentially MSG, and you feel literally so fat and full after one plate of starters, you know you’ve been too many times. It’s also the time when you start seeing horrors such as American cheese-covered sushi… Yeah. That’s a thing. Actual raw fish and rice wrapped in the most ghetto processed cheese you could possibly imagine.

Yeah… Isn’t it disgusting? Nathan actually ATE one of those.

I also obviously downloaded Pokémon Go… me and my Charmander (now a Charmeleon) named Dracarys are conquering the PokéDex one Pokémon at a time! I think there are like 40 more that I need to catch? I have all my favourite Pokémon though so I’m super happy! They aren’t the best Pokémon in the world, but they’re my Pokémon and that’s all that matters.

pokemon go
My babies 😀 Rhaegal was a pain in the arse to evolve!

I started a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course, which is a prerequisite my PGCE in Secondary Science with Chemistry that I’m starting in September. It has been so much fun recapping all the stuff that I learned in school. It’s amazing what you forget about Biology and Physics in 7 years (OH MY GOD it was 7 years since I did my GCSEs, I’m a fossil). I have to say my favourite parts of the course so far are the little squad we have forming in our corner of the classroom, and my amazing poster making skills, which you’ll all be jealous of I’m sure.

poster skillz
Our amazing poster on the adrenal gland and adrenaline… Sadly not as good as the one I knocked up in about 2 minutes when we’d been pratting about all lesson, but hey ho!

On the 14th July I graduated from Bangor University and honestly loved the ceremony, even though I’m not sure what they were really saying in Welsh. And I nearly fell asleep in the harp interlude. BUT I did get this totally cute photo of me and Will!

Those who graduate together stay together ❤

One of the best part of the last few months was the #KimExposedTaylorParty. Honestly, I’m full Team Kimye on this one. As soon as Kim whipped out proof that Taylor had given consent that Kanye could use those lyrics in his song, Taylor was utterly destroyed and all the drama fallout from it was fucking amazing.

kim exposed taylor
I’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling Kardashians.

To round it out, I threw the most amazing summer party a week or so ago. Some friends from home came, and a cohort of friends I know from Bangor came- it gave my dad an excuse to rescue the bar, which was suffering from a teeny bit of flood damage and gave us all an excuse to get totally rat arsed.


Some of us nearly didn’t make it through the hangover (looking at you William) but thankfully we’re all still alive. Hopefully I’ll have another in September- but until then I’ll just have to rest assured knowing I’m headed to Bangor again this weekend and Peter’s having a gathering in late September just before the cocktail party!

I absolutely love this photo. My (biological) little sister and my (illegally adopted by me) little brother :3

It’s been a slow few months really, stuck in the house apart from the things I’ve mentioned above but here’s hoping when I start my PGCE things will start to pick up! I don’t actually have an income at the minute, so it’s been a bit difficult to get out and do things- and the majority of my friends now live various parts of the country, even my friends at home live in Birmingham live miles away which is a pain in the arse! I’ve been feeling a bit down and depressed lately about being trapped at home, and I’ve been having major FOMO about my friends who are staying at University next year- but I’ll have money to see them all the time with my teacher training bursary, and I really look forward to seeing what September brings!


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